Author: vickery

  • Scrollable Tables Version 2

    The second version of the Scrollable Tables project cleans up deficiencies from the first version, adds accessibility support, and is generally all-round awesome. If you have ever been frustrated by table headers scrolling off the page of your website, you can use the supplied JavaScript code to take care of the problem for you. Or […]

  • Postgres Tables From Spreadsheets

    A project I’m working on involves running Oracle queries on a PeopleSoft system and getting the results as CSV files. I use those query results, plus information from other places (the New York State Department of Education’s website and Degreeworks information for academic programs) to derive a Postgres database that is the backend for a […]

  • Scrollable HTML Tables

    Making HTML tables scrollable with frozen header rows takes more effort than it should. I’ve written a JavaScript function that handles most common cases with a minimum of fuss. Code and documentation are publicly available at:

  • Learning as a natural process

    Mark Guzdial is a provocateur. In today’s blog post, the title says it all: “teachers as provocateurs … all learning starts from a problem.”  An example he gives is teaching students about loops because it will save them from having to cut and paste (or re-type!) code in the future. Instead, he suggests, let them […]

  • Linking and Loading

    Linking, loading, header files, and libraries—what are they all about? This post is a description of how these concepts interrelate for C/C++ code. Since the  Arduino language is really C++, this material applies in that context as well. In fact, this post aims to explain these concepts specifically as they relate to Arduino code development. […]

  • Tesla Referral Code

    Whatever the current sales promotion is that Tesla is having (free supercharging; vehicle upgrade, whatever) my  referral code will get it for you.

  • lftp says “DH GEX group out of range”

    I use lftp in a launchctl script to transfer and delete files from an Axway/Tumbleweed secure server, but after upgrading to macos Sierra, the connection failed (and looped forever retrying) with a brief flash of a “DH GEX group out of range” message. Searching for the message reveals that it’s an ssh issue (DH is diffie-hellman): Apple […]

  • MacOS Sierra, Apache, and Postgres

    I upgraded my office workstation from El Capitan to Sierra last week after waiting a while to make sure there were no problems with the new version of the operating system: my office workstation is used for some campus-wide services, and I go into panic mode when upgrades break things. So after a decent interval […]

  • Tesla Referral Code

    Anyone buying a new Tesla can get free supercharging and a $1000 credit towards a new Model S or Model X by using this referral code.  Tesla updates the terms of the referral offers quite regularly, but the referral code itself is the same for all changes in the terms. As of this update (April 2018), the […]

  • Google Forms Do Not Work For Workflow

    Google Forms is terrific for gathering information, but it sucks as a workflow tool. Today I received a Word document that instructed people to fill it out, print it, collect three signatures on the paper copy, scan that, and return it by email. No way to track progress; no record of what’s happening, but partial […]