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  • lftp says “DH GEX group out of range”

    I use lftp in a launchctl script to transfer and delete files from an Axway/Tumbleweed secure server, but after upgrading to macos Sierra, the connection failed (and looped forever retrying) with a brief flash of a “DH GEX group out of range” message. Searching for the message reveals that it’s an ssh issue (DH is diffie-hellman): Apple […]

  • MacOS Sierra, Apache, and Postgres

    I upgraded my office workstation from El Capitan to Sierra last week after waiting a while to make sure there were no problems with the new version of the operating system: my office workstation is used for some campus-wide services, and I go into panic mode when upgrades break things. So after a decent interval […]

  • Promise Fulfilled

    Yea! DreamHost’s upgrade to WP 4.6 was automatic and uneventful.

  • Greetings

    Notes mostly to myself. Migrating from a Drupal site because keeping Drupal up to date was a bother. DreamHost will update WordPress automatically. At least the minor ones.